I cried like a baby.  Because I’m a woman?  Partially…but mainly because I’d just spent two hours in awe watching a film on three young African American women in a small city, only 25 miles from my hometown, that defied the odds against them and made astronomical advances for the great US of A.  My tears were filled with pride as I watched these ‘hidden figures’ that looked like me, spoke like me, were feisty like me, and refused to take no for an answer, just like me.

Then today happened. I felt that same pride as I watched millions of women flood the streets in cities across the country taking a stand for their beliefs and making their voices heard.  #Nastygirl, #Womensmarch, and #Marchforwomen posts consumed my feeds.  I watched all colors and all ages unite with one voice, marching to the beat of one drum, and it hit me.  Like a ton of bricks in that moment, I realized the power of woman.

WOMAN was what God created when nothing else was suitable for what he made in his image.  WOMAN was what God intended to give birth and pro-create.  WOMAN was what God created as a natural nurturer.  WOMAN was created in his timing and with a purpose.

So ladies, it’s time we take our place as the matriarchs of the marketplace.  It’s time we give birth to the seeds of ideas, dreams, and visions that he placed in our wombs.  We’re women of passion and purpose, and history can’t be made without HERstory! 

Moses wouldn’t have a story without the woman that thought to spare his life.  Samuel wouldn’t have been the prophet that God trusted without the faith of the woman that fought through barrenness to finally give birth to him.  An entire culture would’ve been wiped out without the courage of a woman that was loved by a Persian king.

In case you missed my point, we’re here for a reason and the marketplace will never thrive without us.  So go ahead and write that book, make that product, sing that song, give that presentation, live those dreams.  Nothing can be birthed without your womb.  It’s our responsibility to pro-create.  So let’s pro-create change in our communities. Let’s pro-create stability in our economies.  Let’s pro-create ministry in our markets and faith in our fields.

If it’s to be, it’s up to SHE.  So get out there and give it all you’ve got! 

I can’t wait to hear your stories!  Drop me a note and let me know what you’re birthing Ladypreneur®!

Until next time,

Shalom (wholeness/blessings, nothing lacking)!

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