Have you ever felt a tug in your heart to do something that didn’t make much sense?  It may have been completely against what you had planned for yourself.  It probably didn’t fit your schedule or your business plan, and likely didn’t meet any of your personal desires.  Still, you can’t shake it!

I experienced that strongly this past week.  God had laid a strong desire on my heart to write.  Now I’ve been working on books, blogs, and business content, but it had absolutely nothing to do with that.  I shook it for as long as I could, thinking that it would go away, but it didn’t.  I eventually took the time to draw up a quick outline, but the tug remained.  This is crazy, I thought to myself!

Finally, this past Monday I decided to obey and write out my story.  In my mind, I was only doing it to get rid of the conviction, but that was good enough.  Before I knew it, I had 11 chapters that covered seven years of struggles and successes, trials and triumphs, all completed within 24 hours.  I’d never experienced a flow so strong.

Here’s the kicker; I shared the experience and a high level overview of the manuscript with some of my girlfriends and they ended up in tears!  Not because I was such a great writer, but because the experience that I’d held inside, out of fear of judgment and embarrassment, brought major breakthroughs to the trials they were currently facing.  It was a story of my faith walk, trusting God’s word against all odds.  But, in that very moment, I learned that it wasn’t about me at all!  My story, my experiences, my joys, and my pain were all for HIS glory!

Here’s my point, somebody somewhere is waiting for you to finish what God started in your life.  You may not understand it now, but it has a purpose.  The trials and tests were only designed to grow you to your next dimension, and someone else needs you to pull them along with you!  Trust the tug, it’s bigger than you!

To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams (1 Samuel 15:22, NIV)

So, I encourage you today not to ignore that faint whisper that won’t go away.  It’s calling you into the deep because there is a greater purpose and greater blessings that simply can’t survive in the shallow waters where you’re standing.  Take that leap!  Start that business, write that book, record those videos, create that product; in other words GO!  God needs you, and so do we!

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Until next week,

Shalom (wholeness and blessings/nothing lacking)!


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