“You kinda look like Allyson Felix,” the cashier shared as I approached the register.  Flattered, I smiled and said thank you.  Although I don’t see the resemblance, an Olympic gold medalist has to have killer abs so I assume that’s what she saw in me! Only in my dreams…

Either way, I was immediately reminded of the scene that’s been replaying on every media outlet for the past 24 hours.  Felix, on the verge of breaking the ultimate record for a female track runner, suddenly had it all snatched from her milliseconds from the finish line.  At first glance, I was disappointed.  This must be against the rules; clearly this other girl cheated; she was obviously desperate; etc.  But at the end of the day, she took home the gold!  If any rules were actually broken, Allyson would probably be smallyson_Shaunaeiling right now.

Two key terms should be noted here, STRATEGY and HUNGER.  How many of us have the strategy to outwit our most fierce competitors?  Many of us compete with businesses with higher clientele, maturer portfolios, and more brand recognition on a daily basis.  Does that mean you rollover and let them win? Absolutely not!  It’s time for you to dig deep and win by any means necessary!

Allyson likely wanted the gold with everything in her, but what set her apart from her competitor was hunger.  Allyson could probably see it, but Shaunae Miller could obviously taste it.  Contrary to popular belief, skill never beats desire.  So I must ask, how bad do you want success?  Are you comfortable running with winners, or do you want it bad enough to take the gold?

The bible promises that we’re:

The head and not the tail, above and not beneath, the lender and not the borrower – Deuteronomy 28:13

Its time for us all to take our dive!  It’s time we give it all we’ve got.  Study your craft enough to challenge rules that most don’t even know exist.  Create your own lane and finish first. It’s your season, it’s your time…shine ladypreneur, shine!

Drop me a line and let me know how you dove for the finish!  Until next time…

Shalom (peace and blessings/nothing lacking)!

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